Yoga Nude 

* Transcend body and mind. 

* Transcend societal & religious negativity around the body.

* Empower your body, mind and spirit.
No experience necessary
Class will be modified based on client’s limitations due to fitness level, weight or age. 
Private Sessions
For individual or couples.

Albany County location


Daytime 9-5 pm Mon – Fri

Some weekends

Hour session $140   Couples $200

Cash payment.  Placed in singing bowl prior to start of session.


Discount Offered for 3 sessions:

Individual $300 ($150 paid first two visits)

Couples $450 ($250 paid 1st visit, $200 2nd visit)







Phone: 518-577-8172 (text or voicemail).  
Please allow 7 rings for voicemail



Please call when leaving for your appointment

A 24 hours cancellation notice is respectively requested by voicemail or text message

The instructor received 200 hrs of certification from It's Yoga San Francisco
photo Tom Santelli